Monday, February 1, 2010

When I said she's smokin', I didn't mean she's hot

(Note:  I am not judging smokers in any way. It's your right to, as most non-smokers put it, "kill yourself." Smoke away.)

A professor told us once that when you, a non-smoker, happens to be lost (unfortunately) in a smoking area, it would be better to smoke a cigarette than inhale all the second-hand smoke your amigos are blowing.

That's a great advice.

By doing so, not only do you inhale the second-hand smoke, you also suck the "primary smoke". Efficient!

I'm not a smoker. I know many who are. During high school, it was the cool stick, the macho maker. You are not cool if you don't smoke, they say. (Of course I never trusted this "cool" tip since the same people also told me that it was cool to listen to Soulja Boy.)

I really don't understand the exact system of our smoker friends. First, they buy a pack (which comes in rainbow colors) of white sticks filled with leaves, called "cigarettes." (I assume the -ettes suggest the minimized size/quantity of the commodity.) Next, they put the orange filtered end they call the cigarette filter or "butt" (or ass, which may also refer to smokers who smoke in hospitals and non-smoking areas) in their mouth. Then they will light the other end, with the use of a (most of the time) borrowed lighter. Lastly, they will absorb through their mouth the produced smoke from the lit leaves and exhale it back to the air (repetitive until there is none left or your mom catches you.)

About 5.5 trillion cigarettes are produced every year, smoked by 1.1 billion (or one out of six) people in the world. Cigarette manufacturers spend about 15.12 billion dollars in advertisements. Marlboro Man, probably the most popular and effective smoking campaign was portrayed by many cowboy costumed men including Wayne McLaren, David Mclean and Dick Hammer. The three of them died of lung cancer.

Okay, since some smokers might bash me in the comments. I don't hate the smokers, just the smoke.

You might also think of quitting, right?


  1. I'm not a smoker either. I tried it in H.S. for about a month to be one of the "cool" kids, then I went out for track & found out that running & smoking really doesn't work well. I have nothing against smokers either but I truly prefer not to have it around me. I agree with the passage of laws to limit smoking in public areas even though I truly believe in individual freedoms. I have a friend that owns a bar that doesn't like smoke either yet he allows it in his place....odd...he thinks it's better for business.

    I hope as with anything we can find a good balance on this issue & we can all have some way to express our preference.




  2. Great post! I smoked from age 11 to age 21, mainly to piss off my parents; however never really enjoyed it. My hubby smoked from 18to age 50. He has been an ex-smoker for 2 years and can't believe that he subjected others to his 'stinky' habit for some many years. We live in Washington state where smoking is prohibited in all public places, including bars, except for tribal owned casinos. Bar and restaurant patronage has actually gone up overall as many people had stayed away due to the smoke.


  3. I've never smoked, but my parents did. They quit the year I turned 21 (and thus, was already out of the house, damn them. :P).

    I've always hated it, and I seriously think that a beautiful woman with a cigarette dangling from her mouth looks a lot less beautiful because of it.

    Icky habit.

  4. God, when you put it that way! I feel cheap and dirty!!!

    I'm shocked, appalled and deeply offended asshole!!!

    Naw... Just kidding, I HATE that I love smoking. I KNOW that I'm killing myself. But, hey we're all dying anyway.

    If I didn't smoke more than a few people would die I think... :)

    "Just an observation though"

    Good post!

  5. Well, we also have to blame the addictive nicotine.

    It would also be good to say that smokers smoke so that there will be nothing left for the kids to smoke.

  6. good to know we have the same stand on the issue bro. our folks would be proud.

  7. smoking is good! YEAH! smoke! smoke! smoke! join us! smoke!

  8. I have over the years enjoyed smoking a pipe or a cigar. I typically smoke cigars now only when I play golf or take my step-daughter out drinking. "Cigar Aficionado" magazine published a report once (sorry I don't have the ref) that pipe smokers actually live longer than non-smokers. Those results were attributed to the relaxation factor.
    Here's a clip from March of 2005 with author Michael Crichton commenting on second hand smoke.

  9. Ooops! I forgot the link to Crichton:

  10. Hi From
    Heavy smoker for many years and i still love it

    i believe in freedom of choice

    i smoke in my house but if i go to a non smokers home i show them respect by not smoking there

    but as a smoker i never get the same respect back

    always one way as with so much in life

    maybe one day the smokers will take back our trains planes pubs etc

    there are so many things that people do that i cant understand

    ie like all the chemicals consumed freely and sprayed but heaven forbid you should mention that

    the non smokers sit in their hyper clean plane and fly above me spilling out pollution

    anyway i am just waffling now

    peace and light and one day true freedom of choice will emerge

  11. @Dafthermit

    I feel what you are saying. Good point on the smoker's side. We do not deliberately do things for the purpose of killing each other. But I think society is not categorized in smokers and non-smokers alone. We don't deliberately fly the "super clean" planes and use CFC containing stuff to get back on smokers.

    Relating to freedom of choice, if someone's freedom of choice (not specifically smoking) will affect public welfare in a bad way, I think public welfare should win.

    Thanks for the insight.

  12. the point being that when a plane flies above me i have no choice in the matter

    but as a person i have a choice to go into a smokers pub or not

    ( well not anymore as in the uk we are not allowed to smoke in pubs any enclosed area there is even talk of banning people smoking outside in some places )

    i believe in chioce and if i want to run a pub or airline and i employ people that smoke as well fine

    if you dont like it go on the non smoking airline

    surely that way we are all happy

    to me this is true democracy in action

    but as in so much of our lives blanket bans are brought in under the guise of public health

    as a non drinker

    i believe that they should shut all pubs as the damage to the enviroment and the cost to the health of the nation both in violence etc etc ( sorry just my daft wee joke)

    far outways any damage by smokers

    freedom of choice is the only way ahead

  13. cynthia says:

    well yeah..I also hate smokes...whenever i smell it.. it gives me a migraine..haha...

    but then, I tried to smoke when i was in high school..haha..because i thought it would make me look "cool"...but actually it's not..

  14. And how could someone kiss anyone with nicotine breath?

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