Saturday, June 25, 2011

Annoying Facebook Updates you shoulld kinda stop

Have you seen the internet meme "Annoying Facebook Girl"? If not means you have a better social construct than internet nerds who spend all day before a computer monitor.

Nevertheless, the Annoying Facebook Girl is an entertaining image macro that depicts a typical facebook user whom we all find annoying and irritating. It makes me want to compile all my facebook frustrations on a blog

Don't get me wrong, I don't always use facebook, and I know that other users are free to use it in whatever way it pleases them (except for illegal stuff, of course) but it would be always nicer if other users stop doing annoying things that will lead them to the front page of failbook. My list:

1. You go to Starbucks. 200 new photos of you holding a Mocha Frap. Because that will make you cool and hip.

2. "u think u can do dat to me? you sonofabich! i dont even want you anymore. yeah u know who u are" Because that status makes you look brave and strong.

3. Post philosophical quotes. Post more philosophical quotes. Because you are smart.

4. "oMg, those who disagree that glee is the best tv show are idiotz." because you are confident and persuasive.

5. "oMg" Because you are young and modern.

6. "People Y U Not know internet memes?" Because you know internet memes.

Guys. Please visit my new website, k?

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I just watched Green Lantern an hour ago, and man was it good. I liked how Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively did stuff, and...also the special effects and the green light thingy and know what, i can't make up film bullcrap like my communication arts student friends does, but what I know is I liked it.

What I liked about the movie is that it excites a certain stimulus that enhances my imagination and thought-formation. Pretty deep for a movie not everyone liked eh, but whatever, Roger Ebert.

I have not been writing lately because I have to admit I am short of writing juices in my brain lately (and by lately, I mean more than a month already). It is especially hard for me, a humor writer because I have to deal with followers (whom I appreciate so much, no sarcasm there) and their changing preferences for comedy, fellow writers who always think they're funnier and sh*t, and forum members and moderators who are lonely bastards who only dominate forums 24/7 because that's the closest they can get to actual social interactions (and also always think they're funnier and sh*t because funny is all they have). I also cannot write because most of the time, I'm tired as crap after dissecting alien life forms in the laboratory and computing someone else's IQ.

Yeah, so that's my excuse for not writing very often. I'm sorry. I'm not b**ching about being a writer.

I'm sorry. I know this is a badly written post. I'm really tired. I'm not even going to take a second look here.  I'm gonna bother google search a Green Lantern image though.

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