Monday, September 20, 2010

I have to squeeze the lemon!

In the most urgent of times, nature always gives me the unfortunate urge of wanting to pee. I mean, really? I was just in the middle of a World War III scenario, battling Martian overlords when:

Martian Overlord: aUEFhhfhIHEUh! bubabdIDoKWn!

General Asher: Okay, bro! I do not have any idea of what you just said, but I really have to pee!

Martian Overlord: heUhAfkuefbUA! UhfehiAiAI! Laser Gun - *zaaaap* *ziiiiing* *yodel*

General Asher: *epic fail* ...but still wants to pee.

Why does our excretory system vie for the busiest, most not-time-to-pee moments ever? I mean, we all need to concentrate on important events in our lives. These important events might change our future, and the future of the whole mankind. That is why, we do not have the time to pee.  If you think your daily habit of chewing cigarette butts will help you change the economic advancement of Madagascar for the better, then peeing should not interfere.

I also blame technology. In this fast paced technological age of ours, we do not have the time anymore to satisfy our peeing urges. Why haven't we invented of something that will maybe postpone our peeing urges. You know, something like an IPee.

Pictured above is a urinal at the International Space Station. See, even peeing disturbs our astronomers from floating and stuff.

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