Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas from asherwrites

It’s blah blah blah days to go (I’m too lazy to count) till the lords starts a-leapin’ and the geese knocks themselves out a-layin’ (in case you’re wondering if I’m speaking “gangster elvish” I’m talking about Christmas.)

I don’t wonder why Christmas is so much celebrated. Being a Christian myself (sometimes people quickly shut off the computer as soon as they see the C word on their screens, as if they’ve just landed on a porno website) I celebrate the birth of Jesus. For most of us it’s the ultimate lunch break from jobs and school. For a few it’s just like standing up to air their ass-cramps from a year spent sitting. Whatever we maybe, we’ve gotta be doing something.

Scientists often say that Christmas is in every date but December, since unless the shepherds were wearing sumo wrestler mascots, they shouldn’t be outside in a very cold time of year. They estimate it to be Septemberish.  They also date the Christmas trees, lanterns and stuff to the early Egyptians.

Oh well. September Christmas and tree-less Yuletide doesn’t sound festive to me.  And Oktoberfest immediately after Christmas, I feel so guilty already.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pine's Tree

Bagpipes were originally invented in Iran. It was only brought to Scotland by the Romans.

And speaking of Baguio, this month, the local government launched the butterfly-studded Christmas Tree at the foot of Session Road in part of the forever-long celebration of the Baguio Centennial, (and also, Christmas.) The design was very, ummm, interesting. Every night the tree showcases hundreds of twinkling butterflies; the envy of Tinkerbell.

It is fascinating to note that Baguio isn't even popular for butterflies. Moths I could accept, or gamu-gamo, but butterflies, I hardly see one. Not unless you go to Camp John Hay.

There are hundreds of items that can symbolize Baguio: Pine Trees, Strawberries, Sunflowers. But no, they thought. They particularly agreed upon a butterfly.

Well, if you look closely at the butterfly logo of the Centennial, you'll see all the items I mentioned. Okay, whatever, the question still remains, why butterfly?

Or, why am I bothering myself with it?

For more information on the Baguio Centennial Tree, click the link:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hi there.

After a rough game of DOTA, a minute of trash talking the noobest player, and missing an hour of research project, it suddenly struck me: Blog. Where it came from, I dont know. So I started a blog, and this is my first post, hurray!

I am commonly interested in, (wait a minute, I'm counting), EVERYTHING. That's right. So expect a lot of junk from me.

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