Who is Asher

Asher is a Psychology Major who has nothing better to do. He has tried playing chess with his mirror image before, which resulted to a major defeat. He has also tried to skate on top of a moving train, which has resulted in a broken hip and 3 million views on failblog.

Aside from trying to sell people celebrity dandruff (which is still available BTW. New, moist, dandruff from Miley Cyrus), Asher also blogs. Please subscribe to make him go loco. If he reaches one gazillion subscribers, he will striptease in front of Lady Gaga on her next concert in Zimbabwe.

For business-related stuff, please send an email to:

with the subject: asherwrites - proposal

Please, do not attach any stuff to the email. I'd rather download Elephant porn.

Replace the (at) with @. This was done to prevent spam, which is not one of my favorite things in life.

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