Thursday, April 8, 2010

You have armpit lice, but they still hug you

Contrary to popular belief, not all people, aside from yourself, are assholes. That is why we have this thing called "friends." Yes, the 7-letter word is one of the coolest entry in our dictionaries. They will always be there; to correct your grammar, criticize your fashion and comfort you in your deepest troubles with alcohol. Friends - what could be more cooler.

Of course, we all have different definitions for friendship. A student may define it as someone who lets him cheat during the exams, a traveller my define it as someone who is willing to suck the poison if he gets bit by a pit viper in the butt. However we define it, we define it with unique intimacy.

I don't give definitions. Friendship is a naturally occuring thing. We do not plan it (most of the time), it just happens. I do not completely believe that friendship is where people share a common intellectual and emotional thingy. Even though your friend believes Edward Cullen and Paris Hilton are the true elected President and Vice-President of Mexico, there will always be a natural, unexplainable, unresistable bond you both share, worthy to be called friendship. Of cours I also believe that some friendships change and must be dropped sometimes. But that's another topic.

This is the part where I greet my friends - hello to all my followers. Thanks for not getting sick of my online sarcasms. To my high school friends who remain my best friends (though some of them do not read my blog) - Vill, Zoilo, Chaos, Jealyn, Kevin and the rest. Thanks for not getting sick of my real life sarcasm. To my college friends - what's up. Thanks for high-fiving my hand everyday. To the people around the globe who read my blog. Thanks for being constant readers. High-five!


  1. you have a friend named "Chaos" ????

  2. sorry, I totally forgot to mention and thank my church friends - thanks guys. (Yes, Jack I also go to church)

  3. here's to future high fives! :)


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