Monday, January 25, 2010

Its 50 million people's day too, Asher

It's my birthday. What could be more fun, more exciting, and more breath-taking to do than doing this on your special day: Blogging! (Oh dude, you're such a loser)

Don't you call me that, today's my birthday (whoa, there's immunity?), and unlike some weird people, I only have one of it. That is why though millions of birthday celebrants today claim this as their day, I'm still happy I don't get to land on a date like Feb, 29. Practically, I highly prefer a birthday party with all the goodies, clowns and parlor games, but maturity dictates me to do something boring called "booze with buddies."

Birthdays. Why do we celebrate it? Since my last birthday, about 31,536,000 seconds have passed (Yes, Jack, I counted.) I've only had three haircuts since my last birthday, (It's because I feel frail and weak before a pair of scissors.) 76,570,430 people had been added to the world's population since you blowed your last birthday candle. An average garden snail (you know, the one you saw in your living room last week while shouting "snake, there's a snake in the room!") travels about 0.3 mph. If it gave you a weird birthday present of walking non-stop till your next birthday, it'd have traveled 263 miles.

Why we celebrate it.? Because all of the statistical data I've mentioned just made another year of our lives sound cooler (high-5).

Happy Birthday to me, and to the millions who selfishly claims this day as their own.


  1. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day & that this year is your best yet. May all your dreams become reality.



  2. Asher,
    Happy Birthday!
    And even though it 'might' be 50 million other people's day today also, you - and your day - are still special. So, immunity, absolutely! And especially because it IS your day, I say you throw out what 'maturity dictates' and do whatever funny, silly, fun thing that your heart desires! LoL

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday - I love all the statistics you!

    I hope you have a wondrous year full of many exciting and new memories!


  4. Well...a very happy birthday to you! And a happy unbirthday to me--and most of your readers! Remember, to the world it is just your birthday, but to your birthday you are the world. Or something like that.

  5. Happy birthday! And birthday immunity has been around since the Stone Age, I think, so it should definitely apply to you.

  6. You had me at Bruce Lee! LOL
    Happy Birthday!


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