Friday, May 14, 2010

Justin Bieber is the Antichrist

You must be very familiar with a phenomenon in pop culture where people, especially conspiracy theorists brand other people as the Antichrist, the resurrection of Hitler, the fifth Teletubby, etc. Titles used are commonly and practically anything that may shock us Internet geeks. Victims may be celebrities who are quickly climbing the ladder of fame, newly elected Popes, too-damn-rich TV hosts, and world leaders. I was not surprised Obama was labeled as the Antichrist, and I am surprised Justin Bieber still hasn't been labelled as someone threatening or peculiar (if he is the fifth teletubby, Tinky Winky will be threatened). 

If Justin Bieber is to be branded by the conspiracy theorists as the Antichrist, then a series of conspiracy theories follows. He would blacklist every anti-Justin Bieber fan page on Facebook. His song "Baby" would probably and apparently contain subliminal message to hypnotize today's youth. Oh no! 

That would be pretty weird, yet pretty convincing. Just look how manly Justin Bieber is. Chuck Norris would be embarrassed before this man. His iron fist terrifies many as he sings the intro for the new and sucky version of "We are the World." 

Then again, Justin Bieber does not know where Germany is, so I doubt the premise once more.

Why do they brand famous people as such. I know a Psychology term used for the paranoia in this context, but I cannot find it in my dusty search engine of a brain. This suggests I should review my major a little. There are a lot of questions bothering my mind. Why is Justin Bieber famous? Does Oprah operate her own religion with Dr. Phil as the head?

And the question that bothers me most: Who would be the fifth member of the Teletubbies?


  1. He's just a trendy pop singer with a bad adolescent hair cut. I expect to see him on lost stars of the 2000's.

    But he's not the anti-Christ. The anti-Christ would have better hair.



  2. I've never thought of him as the antichrist, bt i get your way of thinking...

    Here's what i think...i think he looks so innocent SO people will follow him. No one would EVER think HE was the antichrist. know what i mean? Who would follow someone who looks like/acts like the OBVIOUS antichrist? He wants you to think he's some perfect innocent person, but you never know. It could be anyone. It could be me for goodness sake. JUST KIDDIN it's totally not be, bt what im saying is, it could be anyone.

    someone else on a youtube video says "his 1st name has 6 letters, his last name has 6 letters, and he sounds like a 6 year old. "666""

    this may sound confusing, bt it makes total sense in my head.


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